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How Long Will An Outdoor Flag Last?

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At CRW Flags, we are often asked "How long will this flag last?" We have found this question nearly impossible to answer accurately. No two flags receive identical wear. Many factors have to be taken into consideration such as the location of the flag, the environment, and to what extent preventive maintenance measures are used. There are many contributing factors to flag wear; wind, rain and sun to name a few. Neither you nor we can control the elements; however, you can avoid carelessness, which is probably the greatest cause of flag deterioration. Proper maintenance of your flag will help to prolong the flag life. [storm image]

Here are a few things to remember:
  • Avoid flying your flag in the rain. Wind combined with additional water weight puts undue strain on the fabric and stitching.
  • Prevent mildew by letting your flag dry thoroughly before storing it.
  • The fly end of the flag historically will be the first to reveal wind wear. When this begins, you may trim off the old hem and rehem flag. Do this at the first sign of fraying, don't wait for your flag to be blown to shreds.
  • Beware of abrasion from a rough flag pole or other nearby surface. This will cause a weakening of the stitching and material.
  • Smog and exhaust fumes will only dim the colors and cause deterioration.
  • Continuous day and night display will shorten flag life.
  • Keep in mind that your flag works extremely hard while being displayed.
  • It deserves proper care the same as a valued garment.
  • Only you can help prolong its life.
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