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Airport Vehicle
Safety Flags

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High visibility 3x3' nylon
orange and white checkered flags
used for vehicles at airports

Sewn panels.

Airport Vehicle Safety Flag

  1-5 6-11 12+
Poleband $32.00 $31.00 $30.00
Grommets $32.00 $31.00 $30.00

FAA Advisory Circular AC 150/5210-5C pdf file states:
(1) Vehicles other than those that routinely traverse any portion of the AOA under ATC, which are not escorted by a vehicle in constant two-way radio communication with ATC and properly equipped and authorized to operate in the AOA, must be provided with a flag on a staff attached to the vehicle so that the flag will be readily visible.

(2) At airports without air traffic control facilities, flags must be provided on all vehicles.

(3) The flag must be at least a 3-foot by 3-foot (0.91 meter by 0.91 meter) square having a checkered pattern of international orange and white squares at least 1 foot (305mm) on each side.

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