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VEX DEX Card Game
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VEX is a collectible, tradable and playable card game with the theme of flags. No flag knowledge is required, but as you play the games, you will learn a lot about current and historical flags from around the world. Flag selections include national, sub national and international flags, as well as selected historical flags, ensigns and jacks.
# of decks 1 2 3 4+
each $ 9.00 $ 8.00 $ 7.00 $ 6.00
Each deck contains 60 cards, drawn from a random selection of 200 cards in the series.
There are currently 5 different series to choose from
VEX DEX I Nations of the World card checklist
VEX DEX II States and Provinces card checklist
VEX DEX III Historical Entities card checklist
VEX DEX IV Cantons and Prefectures card checklist
VEX DEX V International Entities card checklist
For more information on the game, visit the website of the manufacturer
Six Sided Simulations

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