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1st Navy Jack flag 1st Navy Jack
1st Georgia Battalion flag 1st Georgia Battalion
1st Pennsylvania Rifles flag 1st Pennsylvania Rifles
2nd Regiment Continental Light Dragoons flag 2nd Regt Cont
Lt Dragoons
Women's Suffrage Victory flag 19th Amendment
Alabama 8th Infantry Regiment flag Alabama
8th Infantry
Alabama 22nd Infantry Regiment flag Alabama
22nd Infantry
Alabama Secession flag Alabama Secession
Alamo flag Alamo
13 star Alliance U.S. flag Alliance
Alvarado flag Alvarado

Civil War Hospital and Ambulance Signal Flags Ambulance and Hospital
Amelia Island (1817) Florida Independence Expedition Flag Amelia Island
American Revolution Bicentennial flag Am. Rev.
Andros flag Andros
Anthony Wayne Greenville Treaty flag Anthony Wayne
Arkansas 22nd Infantry Regiment flag Arkansas
22nd Infantry
Arkansas 37th Infantry Regiment flag Arkansas
37th Infantry
Army Of The Potomac flag Army Of
The Potomac
Army Of Trans-Mississippi flag Army Of
13 star Arthur Lee U.S. flag Arthur Lee

18 star / 18 stripe Baton Rouge U.S. flag Baton Rouge
New York Black Beaver flag Beaver, Black
Bedford flag Bedford
13 star Bennington U.S. flag Bennington
13 star Betsy Ross U.S. flag Betsy Ross
Gilliss-Biderman flag Biderman
Bladen-Brunswick flag Bladen-Brunswick
Blank Field U.S. flag Blank Field
Bonnie Blue flag Bonnie Blue
Boston Tea Party flag Boston
Tea Party

Brandywine flag Brandywine
British 17th Regiment of Foot flag British 17th Regt of Foot
British Red Ensign flag British Red Ensign
Brown's Independence flag Brown's Independence
Bucks of America flag Bucks of America
Buffalo Soldiers Buffalo Soldiers
Bunker Hill (blue) flag Bunker Hill (blue)
Bunker Hill (red) flag Bunker Hill (red)

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