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Taunton flag Taunton
Tennessee 1897 flag Tennessee
Texas 1836 (Burnet) flag Texas
Texas 20th Infantry Regiment flag Texas
20th Infantry
Texas Coahuila Militia flag Texas Coahuila Militia
Texas and Liberty Flag Texas
and Liberty
Texas Navy 1836 (short canton) flag Texas Navy
Texas Navy (long canton) flag Texas Navy
Texas Pilot flag Texas Pilot

Third of September 1783 Flag Third of September 1783
Joanna Troutman 'Liberty or Death' Lone Star Flag Troutman
Lone Star
United States Christian Commission flag US Christian Commission
United States Colored Troops 4th Regiment flag US Colored Troops 4th Rgt
Van Buren Avengers flag Van Buren Avengers
Van Dorn flag Van Dorn
US 17 star/17 stripe Vermont flag Vermont (1804)
Vermont 1837 flag Vermont (1837)
Veteran Exempts flag Veteran Exempts
Viking Banner flag Viking Banner
Virginia 1861 flag Virginia
Virginia For Constitutional Liberty flag Virginia For Const. Liberty

Washington The Friend Of His Country flag Washington
The Friend
Washington's Cruisers flag Washington's
Washington's HQ flag Washington's
Washington's Life Guard flag Washington's
Life Guard
Webb's Continental Regiment flag Webb's Continental Rgt
Col. John Proctor's Independent Battalion of Westmoreland County Provincials flag Westmoreland Co. Bn.
Whiskey Rebellion flag Whiskey Rebellion
White Plains flag White Plains
Maryland Winder Cavalry flag Winder Cavalry
Wisconsin 15th Infantry Regiment flag Wisconsin
15th Infantry

Women's Suffrage 3 Stripe flag Women's Suffrage
3 Stripe
Women's Suffrage 4 Star Progress flag Women's Suffrage
4 Star
Women's Suffrage Victory flag Women's Suffrage
13 star Yorktown - Bauman U.S. flag Yorktown
13 star Yorktown - Simcoe U.S. flag Yorktown
Lorenzo de Zavala Republic of Texas Flag Proposal Zavala

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